Immigration-America’s invasion by foreign nationals

No nation can allow it borders and culture to be invaded without destroying the heart of a Nation.  America was created by people of European descent who desired the freedom to worship God according to their own beliefs.  All were basically Christians and shared a common morality, more of less.  Eventually they developed a nation accordingly to the Jefferson tradition.  Thomas Jefferson in his letter “To Dr. Benjamin Rush , September 23, 1800  “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. Islam is todays tyranny

The Tyrants of the world today seek to destroy The Patriots of  today’s America by invading our uncontrolled borders and forever destroying our way of life for our children and grandchildren.

Tyrants who seek to destroy come in several forms and have different motivations.  Who are the invaders.  Before we can destroy the invadors we must define them:

Invaders from Mexican Border:

1.  The poor and struggling of Mexican decent who are oppressed by a corrupt government.. Their entry into America is by design of the Mexican government who needs a relief valve to prevent a revolt of the peasants. They do not have guns and would be killed if they revolted.  Also the drug cartels control much of the government and to resist would be death.  They are aiding the government in controlling the peasants and need them to carry illegal drugs into the USA. The vast majority of Mexicans who enter the USA illegally do not pose a security threat to our Nation and are  Roman Catholic and as such do no damage to our culture but do damage our lower class in that they must work for smaller wages because they are illegal and cannot complain without fear of deportation.  The inability to speak English forms a subculture which is a form of economic slavery. (read essay on slavery)  Many employers in the US do not want the Mexicans to learn English because they will lose some control over their employees.  American legislators do not vote for a national language because some employees do not want Mexicans to learn English.  The American black is the one citizen who suffers the most because of the cheap Mexican labor and would benefit the most if the border is closed.   The loss of cheap Mexican labor would result in wage increases among black Americans and this, in its self, is sufficient reason to control the border.  Black America has suffered enough and will soon “see the light” of the  illegal invasion of their country.  They have paid a terrible price to become Americans and should demand that the border be controlled.  Hillary and the billionaire George Soros are promoting this multiculturalism and must be destroyed.  No more politically correctness, become a American Patriot..  Illegals increase our property taxes and social services and lower our standard of living, contribute to crime.

2. Invaders from the middle east who seek to destroy America and will become a problem for years to come.  Read all of the reference books to fully appreciate and understand the problem.

The Koran and the Constitution of the United states are incompatible.  Why should we allow this foreign invasion?  Why should we support a political party which supports this invasion?  It is a Trojan Horse which will kill many Americans.  The Obama- Clinton government will create a cultural problem for years to come and if and when the Muslims become a majority, they will, according to the Koran, convert or kill the infidel, all Christians are infidels–read the book and decide what you want for your children and grandchildren.  If you have any doubts–read what ISIS is doing in the middle east.

It is one and the same religion–a deadly cult –read, read what the muslim clerics profess read about the Christian Syrian women–Death for homosexuals, beat your wife, take away her car keys, put her in a black bag with a head cover .  Ladies read, read, Is this what you want for your daughters? .Read the story of Nazi Germany and see how it started  this is the same fascism.  The same mind control. Don’t let a senile, demented cleric rule you country.  We have fought our battle with theocracy and chose to remain free of tyranny

Dr. William Darwin Wright

Tucson, Arizona