AmericanTrojan Horse–Survival of a Nation

AmericanTrojanHorse isDedicated to the men and women who created a new nation and developed and believed in the principles of the the U.S constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson, in his letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush in 1800 wrote ” I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” He used “man” in the universal sense meaning both man and woman.   Their courage and tenacity changed the world and gave hope to mankind.  True democracy is not  pen and paper –True democracy  exists in the hearts of men and women and is a gift to our children and grandchildren to be cherished and nurtured  for all future generations.  Majority  rule is not necessarily  democracy,  Democracy only exist when there is strict obeisance to the U. S. Constitution and all of its rights and privileges.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all   is the true meaning of an American.

The present invasion of the United States across our southern borders is a national disgrace and must be stopped or we will pay terrible price.    The price of the multiculturalism that  is promoted by   Hillary Clinton-Obama politicians and billionaire George Soros will result in high food prices, high real estate taxes to pay for education and many gangs, rapes and murders of our sons and daughters.  In the past we had a immigration program which promoted planned and orderly immigration.  When immigrants cane to this country they had to have a sponsor who would pay all of their expenses  and provide housing, Also they were quarantined on Ellis island to prevent disease from entering the country.   It was orderly–now it is a invasion by foreign nationals, some who have an agenda of destroying American culture.  This invasion is the result of the democratic party led by the Hillary Clinton(who have made millions thru their Foundation  from giving speeches). and Obama.

AmericanTrojanHorse  seek the console of American patriots, especially military and farmers, both men and women who believe that this nations survival depends upon individual responsibility and believes this nation has survived because of the strength of its citizens.  Without our guns, (the 2nd amendment must be honored) we will be defeated and America will become dust in the pages of history.

Tucson, Arizona, USA